• Pellet Mill

    Pellet Mill

    Pelletizing system is made up of Feeder, pre-conditioner, gear box, ring die etc.
    It is widely used in poultry and livestock feeds, it is also applied for aquafeed as fish feed, shrimp feed etc., and biofuel production as well.

  • Conventional Fat Coating Drum

    Conventional Fat Coating Drum

    Widely used for the post coating in pellet mill and extrusion feed industry.
    Suitable for including vegetable oil and animal fat, additives, vitamin, and other nutrients and drugs.

  • Counterflow Cooler

    Counterflow Cooler

    Mainly applied for cooling all kinds of grains, extrusion products, pellets, animal feed etc. before packaging.
    Vertical Octagonal Deisgn, Counterflow Concept.

  • Pre-Conditioner


    Widely used as the pre-heating process before pellet mill for poultry and livestock feeds, and also pre-heating equipment for extruded fish feed and petfood.

  • Retainer Hygienizer

    Retainer Hygienizer

    Mainly used as sterilized heating process before aqua feed pelletization and also used for pet food extrusion process to reach a safer and more nutritious final products.

  • Post-Conditioner for Shrimp

    Post-Conditioner for Shrimp

    It is used as post conditioning equipment for aqua pellets, especially for shrimp feeds, to improve the texture and taste, prolong the feeding time, and for better digestive assimilation.

  • Crumbler


    Crumbler is widely applied for producing mini-pellets for chicken, shrimp and crabs, it is also used for crumbling soya beans and corns.

  • Chain Redler Conveyor

    Chain Redler Conveyor

    It is widely used for the horizontal transport.
    it is also usted for underneath convey for grains, feeds, chemicals productos etc.

  • Screw Conveyor

    Screw Conveyor

    It is applicated for transportation of grains, feeds, extruded products, it is wildly used in hammer mill airlock transport, and also in the auto-weighing conveying.

  • Rotary Distributor

    Rotary Distributor

    One to multiple distribution.
    Wilded used for feed factory, food grain storage, powder and granule distributing transportation for silo storage.

  • Pre Cleaner

    Pre Cleaner

    Classic food grain machine.
    It is widely used the food, grain, to remove the big impurities, etc.

  • Tumbler Sieve Screener

    Tumbler Sieve Screener

    Tumbler screener is widely used for grading and classification in feed, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, it is an ideal sieve screener for grading chicken feed, shrimp feed, etc.

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