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With head office in shanghai and factory located in historically famous city Yangzhou, INTELIDURA is one of the leading companies in animal nutrition equipment and aliments processing machines, integrated with R&D, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning service to provide our customers a total solution. We supply all feed machinery from Raw Material Reception, Conveying, Cleaning, Mixing, Extrusion, Pelletizing, Post coating, Sieving, Packaging, to Automatic Control Systems

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Intelidura Machinery Co., Ltd.  

  • Address£ºNo. 28, Tianshan Road, Yangzhou, China
  • Phone£º+86 21 69950295
  • Mobile£º+86 185 1677 0295, +86 177 14450007
  • Email£º,
°æȨËùÓУºIntelidura Machinery Co., Ltd.